Graco Inc.

Discover the silent and fume-free solution for every striping application

Go green with the first electric airless line striper

No exhaust fumes, no noise and no vibrations. These are important aspects in striping when doing markings in the food and beverage industry, in warehouses, in distribution centers but also at night and during the day.

The new LineLazer ES 1000 captures all these aspects in one striping unit. It provides high-output electric battery power that eliminates gas costs, exhaust, noise and vibration while delivering crisp lines. No engine noise means that jobs can be completed any time of the day or night.

No engine vibration ensures perfect lines on all surfaces and reduces user fatigue. No engine fumes enables striping to be carried out indoors without production shut downs or disruptions.

  • Increased capacity: maintenance free sealed battery design stripes up to 75 litres per charge and up to 200 liters with a double battery pack.
  • Simply plug in to recharge: no need to haul around chargers with the built-In 230V smartcharger.
  • Infinite spray time: full capability for stationary applications by running the unit directly on 230V wall-power.