Graco Inc.

ProMix PD2K Proportioning System

Increase Efficiency and Performance

Graco is proud to announce the release of the ProMix PD2K, a plural component proportioner that brings new levels of efficiency to finishing operations. The ProMix PD2K mixes the material close to the gun so the flush zone is significantly smaller. This allows customers to use less paint, save up to 80% on disposal costs and allows for faster colour changes compared to traditional electronic proportioners.

This “State of the Art” new 2K Proportioning System offers also following features included:

Electric dosing piston pumps

  • Deliver consistent results, within 1% accuracy, no flow meter, no fluid pressure regulator required
  • 100% Positive Displacement Technology
  • Easy , low cost maintenance
  • Stalls under pressure
  • Can handle very low flow rates

Limited mixed material in the system

  • Flush only dose pump and short mix material line, means less waste and less down time.
  • Mixing close to the gun
  • Reduced VOC emission
  • Ideal 2K system for Proportioning short pot life materials
  • Fast colour changes

Modular Design - Versatile Proportioning System

  • ONE system can proportion both Epoxy and Urethane materials
  • Can handle various inbound pressures and viscosities  
  • Can manage up to 30 colours and 4 catalysts with 2 or 4 dosing pumps
  • Possible to run up to 4 dose pumps for 1K applications, no flow control required

Manual & Automatic ProMix PD2K Systems

  • Manual Systems  – 2 mixing options: “Mix at the belt” or “Mix at the Wall”
  • Automatic Systems – remote mixing manifold close to the Auto Spray Gun
  • Automatic Systems can be linked to a PLC or any other Automation Equipment  
  • Can be connected to Graco’s Advanced Web Interface (AWI)

Easy and low cost Maintainance

  • Dosing Piston Pumps Field serviceable in less than 20 minutes

USB Reporting

  • Built in USB port lets you download reports quickly to keep track of material and solvent usage

See how ProMix PD2K can help save time and increase your bottom line, all while making an environmental impact by reducing waste disposal output. Visit the PD2K Landing Page for more information.