Reactor Gen 3

Complete Control, From Drum to Gun

High-quality tools and machines enable every contractor–from the most seasoned pros to the greenest novices–to spray faster and more consistently with fewer delays and less rework. With the new Graco Reactor, you can control your spray foam system–drum to gun–and spray with unmatched precision using automation, data-driven tool and analytics. Job after job, day after day.

Field Tested. Contractor Approved.

Details matter when spraying superior foam. Using feedback from professionals like you over the past 40 years, we’ve designed–and redesigned–all our products to withstand the everyday demands of spray foam. This commitment to Graco quality lead to field-tested, contractor-approved innovations delivering more power, more convenience, and more consistency. All backed by industry-leading A+ service and support.

Your Digital Partner in the Field

Reactor Connect

With Reactor Connect, more knowledge leads to more informed decisions. That’s why communication is key whether you’re manning a single rig or an entire fleet. Add Reactor Connect to access mission-critical data instantly – and make timely adjustments to keep your operations productive and profitable.

  • Fleet management
  • Cellular updates
  • Remote control from app
  • Customized reporting
  • Automatic error detection
  • Graco tech assistance team remote troubleshooting

To learn more about Reactor Connect or sign up for an account, visit


Reactor Katalyst

The days of “reading”the foam are over, especially with so much at stake. It puts the job at risk, and even the profitability of your business. Activate the Reactor Katalyst suite of technologies – when you pair Reactor Elite with the Core electric transfer pumps – to automatically keep your spray foam system on-ratio from drum to gun.

  • Hardware: Core E1 Transfer Pumps, Flow meters, Inlet temperature and pressure sensors and Reactor Connect hardware (cell module)
  • Software Enabled: Smart Supply, Resistance Control Mode or FTS Mode, Ratio alarms, Pressure imbalance alarms and Cellular software updates


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