Nonconforming Material Reports

Nonconforming Material Reports (NMR or NCMR)

When Graco identifies defective product, the product is quarantined and an NMR is initiated in our worldwide NMR system. This system is completely paperless and all NMR records are generated electronically.


Nonconforming Material Reports Creation


Incoming Inspection NMRs

NMRs created at receiving inspection are typically for the entire lot received and rejection is based on the sample quantity inspected. The entire lot will be returned for credit. The supplier has the option to rework the returned parts or propose coming to Graco for sorting/rework with the approval of our Manufacturing and Divisional Supplier Quality Engineer. The SQE will approve the proposed process and product quality of the reworked nonconforming parts. A Supplier Corrective Action Report will be generated if the SQE feels it is necessary.

In Process NMRs

The majority of “in process” NMRs may be for smaller quantities if sorting is able to be done based on production needs. The rejected quantity will be returned for credit. If the supplier wants to rework the returned parts, they will need the approval from the Divisional Supplier Quality Engineer.

When an NMR is created and communicated to the supplier (via email), the Divisional Supplier Quality Engineer may issue a Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR). Please see our section on SCARs for more information.

For more information regarding our NMR process, please contact your Commodity Manager.