Quality Management

We strive for excellence and continuous improvement to exceed customer expectations for quality and value in order to become our customers' supplier of choice. We also select and support suppliers with the same mentality to consistently provide quality parts and service, on time, at the lowest total cost.


Quality Management Downloads

Nonconforming Material Reports (NMR)

NMR's are reports containing detailed information regarding defects found in a part or parts supplied to Graco. These NMR's are tracked by supplier and reported quarterly in the suppliers Quality measurement.

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Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCAR)

Upon request, suppliers are required to perform root cause analysis and corrective action in the event they supply a non-conforming product or service. This SCAR is handled electronically and emailed to the supplier. Suppliers respond on Graco's 8D with 5 Why form, which is found on the Supplier Resources page.

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Supplier Request for Change (RFC)

Graco suppliers are required to notify and obtain approval prior to making any changes to approved production parts

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