Supplier Request for Change

Our Graco Suppliers are responsible to communicate any time there is a proposed change to the product or process being supplied to Graco. Changes may consist of one of the following:

Examples of Changes Requring NotificationClarifications
Change to construction, material or componentThis applies to any change to construction, material or component that is not covered by the engineering drawing or applicable Graco or external standard.
Production from new or modified tools (except perishable tools), dies, molds, patterns, etc. including additional or replacement toolingThis record only applies to tools, which due to their unique form or function, can be expected to influence the integrity of the final product. It is not meant to describe standard tools (new or repaired), such as standard measuring devices, drivers (manual or power), etc.
Production following upgrade or rearrangement of existing toolingUpgrade means the reconstruction and/or modification of a tool or machine to increase the capacity, performance or change existing function/parameters. This requirement not meant to be confused with normal maintenance, repair, or replacement of parts, etc., for which no change in performance is to be expected and post repair verification steps have been established.
Rearrangement is defined as activity that changes the sequence of product/process flow from that which was previously approved by Graco (including addition of a new process).
Change of Sub Supplier or material source including outside servicesIf supplier is changing their supplier to a non-equivalent material or process, Graco must be notified prior to making the change. Not applicable to distributors unless the engineering drawing specifically states to purchase from a single source.
Change in packaging material or method

This applies to any change in packaging material or method which can be expected to influence the integrity of the final product.
Change in production process or methodAny changes in the production process or method, including changes at the sub suppliers that affect Graco requirements, e.g., form, fit, function, performance, durability.
Change in test or inspection methodFor change in test/inspection method, the supplier should provide evidence that the new method has measurement capability equivalent to the old method.
Change in product appearance attributesAny change resulting in appearance differences from the latest approval e.g., color, surface roughness, opacity, sheen, etc.

The supplier Request for Change Form must be completed by the supplier with all pertinent information to effectively communicate the need for the change request. This form should be submitted to your Graco Purchasing Representative and Divisional Supplier Quality Engineer for review and validation.