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The fifth façade - The solar control specialist


Ever wondered what it would be like if you could work on 5 instead of 4 façades? Well now you it’s possible using Liquisol on the roof, also known as the 5th façade.

Liquisol is a solar reflective paint for glass and polycarbonate skylights, sky domes and light roofs.
Every industrial building has at least 3 percent of its roof surface as skylights. Many conservatories have roofs that are made of polycarbate translucent sheets. These skylights and sky roofs are the most important cause of overheating of a building. This can best be solved by using Liquisol, a brand of paints, so as a painter, you can become a specialist in applying solar control. No other profession except a painter can provide a solution to the main cause of overheating in these buildings.

Often skylights cause glare effect on people’s eyes and industrial buildings become overheated in the summer. Liquisol filters the bright light of the sun, reflects the IR radiation (infrared heat), and enables only a pleasant amount of light to penetrate its surface. Nowadays, with the Graco EasyMax™ WP II, it's so easy to fix this problem. The EasyMax is the perfect tool to spray many square meters of solar control paint. Making use of the backpack and the extension, you can work safely and quickly on any type of roof.

First, you’ll need to clean the surface and then you can start spaying. In one day, you’ll easily install 100 m² on a 1 man job. Offering a solar control solution will enable you to much increase your profit margins compared to a standard paint job. You can now compete with window film or sun shade installers. Their price per square meter is much higher than coating prices. So, as you see, even as a specialist with many years of experience, a completely new market is open for you. Use the Graco EasyMax II WP for your Liquisol jobs and this summer will become your most profitable in years!