Airless Spray Tip Selector

Choose the Right Spray Tip For Your Project

Choosing a quality tip will determine the quality of your finish and help you save time and money. Each Graco tip is 100% tested for flow rate to ensure the precision and quality needed to deliver a smooth, professional finish.

Graco offers the following airless spray tips for Homeowner and DIY models:


  • Ideal for remodeling contractors, DIYers and Homeowners
  • Softspray Technology makes it easier to achieve a professional finish by delivering a softer spray pattern to easily blend each spray pass
  • Experience less prep and clean-up time with reduced overspray
  • Ability to spray the thickest paints at the lowest possible pressure
  • Reverse-A-Clean design makes it easy to clear tip clogs
  • Magnum sprayers include a 515 TrueAirless spray tip, just one of 16 available TrueAirless tip sizes

TC Pro

  • Exceptional spraying results across all TC Pro handheld applications
  • Reverse-A-Clean design makes it easy to clear tip clogs
  • Only use with TC Pro guard
  • TC Pro sprayers include a 514 TCP spray tip with another 11 sizes available

TrueCoat 360

  • Reverse-A-Clean design makes it easy to clear tip clogs
  • TrueCoat 360 sprayers include both sizes of available tips, with 4 and 12 inch fan widths

Find the Right Spray Tip for Your Project

By answering a couple of quick questions, the Tip Selector will help you choose the best tip for your sprayer and project.



Understanding the Numbers

  • The first digit is half of the fan width, the "5" in "517" equals a 10 inch spray fan width (5 x 2 = 10)
  • The last two digits are the size of the tip opening in thousandths of an inch, the "17" in "517" means the tip hole size is .017 inch

Speed Advice

  • Use smaller tip size when applying thinner materials such as stains and enamels
  • Use larger sizes for thicker materials such as exterior, latex and oil based paints
  • The larger the size of the tip hole, the faster the material leaves the gun
    • A 313 tip sprays faster than a 411 tip

Understanding Tip Wear

Choosing the right spray tip is essential for ensuring a quality finish -- no matter which coating material is being sprayed. However, spray tips will wear with normal use.

When a tip wears, the orifice size increases and the fan width decreases. This causes more paint to hit a smaller area, which wastes paint and slows productivity. It’s important to replace a tip when it gets worn to ensure a precise spray pattern, maximum productivity and quality finish.

Tip Wear Advice

  • Tip life varies by coating. Recommended replacement times:
    • Latex - Replace after 15-40 gallons
    • Oils & Stains - Replace after 35-60 gallons
  • Extend tip life by spraying at the lowest pressure that breaks up the coating into a complete spray pattern (atomize).
  • Do not increase the pump pressure – this only wastes paint and causes unnecessary pump component wear.