Graco Inc.

Trabon USP Divider Valve 

Series Progressive Metering Device

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Series progressive metering in a one piece block–no assembly required! Requires no special fittings, all fittings come with the valve block.

New! USP Doubling Plug for combining outlets on Graco USP valves. 

  • Space efficient design with 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 outlets. Outlets can be combined to
    meet larger bearing needs
  • Built-in outlet check valves ensure accurate lube delivery every time
  • Works with standard MSP magnetic and electronic proximity switch cycle indicators to
    provide positive assurance of a successful lube event
  • Fluoroelastomer seals come standard, great for high temperature applications or
    synthetic lubricants

New USP Doubling Plug for combining outlets on Graco USP valves. 

  • Quickly combines the output of one USP outlet, with the next outlet clockwise.
  • Simply remove the USP outlet fitting and face seal, and insert the Doubling plug.
  • The USP Doubling Plug has a slot milled on its face, for easy identification of the Doubling Plug fitting.
  • The current method of doubling by removal of the face seal and plugging the outlet fitting is still functional. You can continue to double any outlets on the USP, with or without a USP Doubling Plug – it’s your choice!