Graco Inc.

Oil Dispense Bar 

Tough metal cabinet with baked-on enamel finish

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 Modular convenient design allows up to 2 oil dispense taps or 3 meters to be added at the time of installation, or later if required. 

  • Tough metal cabinet with baked-on enamel finish.
  • Constructed with single-dispense tap and waste pan with plated, perforated metal service area and drain connection. 

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Dispenser Bar
Maximum fluid working pressure
Dispenser Only
900 psi
6.2 MPa, 62 bar
Dispenser with meter kit
500 psi
3.4 MPa, 34 bar
Fluid inlet size
1/2 npt
1/2 npt
Drain hose size
3/4 npt
3/4 npt
35 lbs
15.75 kg