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A Winning Combination



A worldwide manufacturer of construction and mining equipment was looking for a durable and effective solution for stocking and distributing oil with its service vans. The oil distribution service vans perform many interventions in all types of environments, so the quality of the assembly and the robustness of the set-up were important factors. The tanks and the fittings (reels, shelves, etc.) needed to be tailor-made in accordance with the restrictions of the technician’s job sites.


The local Graco integrator, Eiffel-GER2I, proposed a solution that met the customer’s specific needs by assembling all the tanks, framework, pumps and hose reels to make an oil distribution spray rig which could be inserted into the service vans. Testing the equipment was extremely important. Using 3D modeling for the project, the customer could easily view the components of each piece of equipment, monitor testing and be made aware of any problem areas. It was easy to develop and modify the plans before putting them into action.


The oil distribution spray rig meets the customer requirements and has been in operation for more than six months. Based on the initial trial, successfully completed, the manufacturer has placed new orders. This manufacturer is satisfied not only by the quality of the products and the set-up, but also by the professional service received.



Worldwide manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives


Oil distribution spray rig
On-site servicing and maintenance 

Graco Equipment:

Fire-Ball, XD open reels, SD Valves


4 tanks constructed in aluminium for new oil
1 tank constructed in aluminium for drained oil
Fire-Ball 5:1
1050 Husky Pump
XD reel, 15 m for air, oil
XD reel, 9 m for oil siphon

Graco distributor details:

GER2I Ensemblier
X.Motron Service Intégration Process