Graco Inc.

Installing dumper workshops at a mine site in the Sahara

A large mining company in Mauritania needed to improve their facility to handle the increasing maintenance of dumpers. They were dealing with problems such as pollution, sand, high outside temperatures (40 to 50°C), and dust due to poor working conditions and the use of inappropriate equipment. Fuel dispensers were used to manually transfer lubricants and grease which meant there was a lot of wastage and mishandling of lubricants, resulting in time-consuming maintenance for the employees.

The mine site facility improvement consisted of the reorganization of the two existing workshop stations and the installation of two new dumper workshops.

Better organized maintenance stations

After an analysis of the workshop flow, a new design was suggested by the local Graco distributor, Lubpro. It improves the walking flow of the employees and provides a better organized maintenance and repair workshop with ideal distances between the stations for full lube changes and vehicles being serviced.

New stations were installed and completed with reels for product dispensing. The stations are now well organized, using colours to identify the purpose of the reels. There is no more pollution and mishandling of used lubricants. Instead, dedicated areas exist for each application (washing, oil dispensing, grease supply, used oil reclaims and transfers), so that water, grease and liquid lubricants are dispensed correctly in the right spot, limiting mishandling, overfill and leakage.