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On-Road Vehicles

Transporting products and people consistently and economically requires always-available vehicles. Graco Auto Lubrication enables these lorries, trailers, buses and other vehicles to run optimally with fewer maintenance issues.



Graco is blazing a new path in a marketplace that’s been largely stagnant for nearly 70 years. That’s why we continuously design and revamp auto-lubrication systems — often to resolve specific issues plaguing competitive systems. 


Sophistication made simple. Enjoy an easy-to-use automatic lubrication system comprising only a few components: pump, metering valves, controllers, fittings and accessories. We’ll help you install it – even show you how to do it in case you buy more…


Use Graco Auto Lubrication Systems for optimal productivity. Always innovating, Graco offers a comprehensive collection of pumps, metering valves, controllers, fittings and accessories designed to dispense accurate and timely lubrication for today’s modern, information-rich users — all backed by Graco’s trusted name and responsive A+ customer support.

Auto Lube Accessories

Graco offers extensive auto lube accessories designed to complement the capabilities of our on-vehicle automatic lubrication systems. Accessories include a broad range of components including lubrication switches, filters, brushes, lubrication valves, gauges and lubrication hose & fittings. All designed to complete a comprehensive system for on & off-road equipment in areas such as construction and mining, agriculture, trailer-tractors-trailers, waste haulers, cement lorries and more.

Auto Lube Controllers

Graco auto lube controllers allow you to set up, monitor performance and gain critical feedback for on-vehicle lubrication systems. Graco manufactures a broad range of these versatile devices for installation on board equipment in areas such as construction and mining, agricultural, vocational lorries and over-the-road tractor-trailers.

Automatic Grease & Oil Pumps

Graco designs and builds a comprehensive family of automatic oil and grease pumps for on-vehicle applications. You can count on our field-proven oil and grease pumps to stand up to the harsh environments you work in every day. Reliability is critical for on-road mobile applications, and Graco comes through with pumps engineered to maximise uptime.

Automatic Grease & Oil Systems

Graco’s automatic oil and grease systems are designed to support the needs of on-road lorries. Fleets across the globe rely on our built-to-last systems to automatically lubricate their assets. Additionally, Graco provides centralised grease systems for vehicles, buses, fire engines, cement lorries, waste haulers and more. These reliable systems include state-of-the-art controller and monitoring options, pumps, injectors, divider valves and numerous other customisable accessories.

Flow Divider Valves

Graco’s extensive line of flow divider valves are part of our family of automatic lubrication systems for heavy on-road vehicles in areas such as tractor-trailers, cement lorries and waste haulers. As part of a complete on-vehicle automatic lubrication system, these divider valves accurately dispense lubricant from each block outlet to grease points throughout your vehicle.


We build our oil and grease injectors for automatic lubrication of mobile equipment to Graco’s high-quality standards. Rest assured these precision machined, long-lasting lubricant injectors will perform for you in harsh and challenging environments. Graco's long-lasting injectors are designed to consistently provide accurate lubrication amounts for heavy lorries, waste haulers, fleets of tractor-trailers, cement lorries and more.

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