Worldwide Distribution Center

Graco Builds a New Innovative Worldwide Distribution Center

Since 1926, Graco has built and grown the company on a strong foundation that continuously defines and guides everything we do – delivering innovation, quality and reliability. As the company continues to develop new products and expand globally, Graco is excited to announce plans to open a 500,000-square-foot Worldwide Distribution Center (DC) in Dayton, MN in May 2024. The building has been constructed on a vacant 100-acre parcel of land. Upon opening, it will be one of Graco’s largest U.S. facilities.

"Our new Worldwide Distribution Center - equipped with cutting-edge automation technology, not only accelerates order fulfillment with unmatched reliability but also embodies our commitment to future growth while prioritizing employee safety and quality assurance," said Angie Wordell, Executive Vice President of Operations.

Graco’s Worldwide Distribution Center will support key initiatives by providing more product availability and creating more space for engineering and manufacturing enhancements. The DC layout allows products to follow a progressive path through the building, meaning the product ordered is always moving toward the shipping dock. Another added benefit of the new space is future expansion capabilities. The DC will allow for future expansion of up to 200,000 square feet as orders change and volume increases, supporting the amount of products Graco can ship annually.

New quality checks are being implemented that include the addition of adding images to both our automation putaway and product-picking screens – a technology not present in many other shipping centers. The images will support our employees in ensuring the correct products are packaged into the correct container, which will improve our shipping timeliness and accuracy.

As Graco nears its 100th anniversary, the DC is just one of many ways that will support Graco’s future by providing product advancements, entering new markets and expanding globally to support the evolving needs of new and existing customers.


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