Media Contacts

Corporate Communications
Laura Evanson, Executive Vice President, Marketing


Industrial Equipment
Equipment for dispensing sealants and adhesives, hot melt materials, in-plant polyurethane foams and composites. Spray guns, pumps, proportioners and spray packages used for liquid finishing.

Carrie Cotch, Communications Manager

Contractor Equipment
Equipment used to apply paint, architectural coatings, protective coatings, mortar, spray foam and texture materials.

Todd Safgren, Communications Manager

Lubrication Equipment

Equipment used to transfer, meter and dispense lubricants and petroleum products.

Tegan Scott, Marketing Manager


Process & Sanitary Equipment
Industrial pumps used to transfer industrial fluids such as inks, colorants, paint, abrasives, corrosive, shear sensitive, gas entrapped, and more. Sanitary pumps and unloaders used to transfer food, personal care, and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Emma Perkins, Marketing Manager


International Media Contacts

Europe, Middle East & Africa Headquarters

Asia Pacific Headquarters

Rachel Zhang, Sr. Marketing Manager
+86 23106019 x267

South & Central America Headquarters

Tegan Scott, Marketing Manager