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High-Speed Spindl-Gard System 

Air/Oil Lubrication System

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The High-Speed Spindl-Gard® System is a highly efficient, cost-effective method for lubricating spindle bearings, using air/oil technology. Components include an electric motor driven pump, with 3 liter (0.8 gallon) plastic reservoir, air/oil dispensing module, and an optional programmable timer/controller (AC models only).

  • Advanced air/oil concept provides highly effective lubrication, reduces oil consumption, lowers operating temperature and protects spindle bearings from coolant ingress and minimizes thermal distortion resulting in improved production accuracy
  • Thin oil film dramatically reduces viscous shear and hydrodynamic drag on the bearing, resulting in reduced friction and lower energy consumption
  • Airflow adjustment for each bearing point provides better control
  • Oil output selectable for each bearing point helps to customize the system
  • Eliminates the clean up and environmental problems that result from mist systems