Graco Inc.

Trabon DC Timer  Assures lubrication at predetermined intervals.

Controls centralized on-board lubrication systems for mobile equipment

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The Trabon DC Timer is a compact, solid-state 12 to 32 VDC unit that signals the pump when it’s time to start a lubrication cycle.

  • Solid-state technology, combined with multiple-level protection, ensures dependable performance.
  • Components are coated to protect them against moisture and meld them more solidly into a single unit that resists vibration.
  • Easy interval selection “tunes” the on-board lubrication system’s output to meet changing environmental conditions. 
  • Memory capability assures lube protection
  • The manual run button facilitates start-ups, filling or purging lines and lube points, as well as testing for integrity of the lube distribution lines. 
  • Very simple to install, the DC Timer requires just four mounting screws and connection of five wires