Excellent close cooperation between Graco and its distributor HKTM

HKTM, established in 1998, focuses on the service and production processes of three industrial sectors: Hydraulics, Electro-mechanics & Robotics, and Mechanics & Automation.

Headquartered in Kocaeli, Turkey, the company has worked with Graco since 2012 when Graco products were first used in HKTM’s adhesive and sealing projects. HKTM became an official Graco distributor in 2014. 

“Graco is a well-known global brand in many industries,” explains Örsan Özer, Team Leader Mechanical Products. “Thanks to our status as distributor in Turkey, we can easily use Graco products in our projects, enhance our business operations, and get support with our sales functions and digital marketing activities to improve our productivity.”

Three key Graco products

HKTM sells large numbers of three Graco products in particular. Fireball pumps are best-sellers due to their durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance. In addition, thanks to their powerful air motor options, they can provide fluid transfer over very long distances. Checkmate pumps also sell well in Turkey; they are often specified by HKTM’s customers for the transfer of high-viscosity fluids. And Graco’s G-Series pumps are used a lot in lubrication systems for machines, on-road and off-road equipment. “Their various power options, shatter-resistant and UV-protected reservoir quality and certificates make the product stand out,” says Özer, adding that “we will fill a big gap in the market with the G-Mini, the production of which started in 2020.”

HKTM logo

Smooth cooperation between Graco and HKTM

Örsan Özer and his team constantly use the Graco website for detailed product information and manuals. “We can easily access the information we want, just by typing the part number of any Graco product into the search box.” Twelve people from different departments use the Graco Customer Information System (CIS): “It helps us manage bid processes and system configurations, and easily follow-up orders.” Özer also uses the Graco SalesBook Windows app on his computer. “It is very easy to access product guidelines, manuals and presentations, especially during customer meetings.” The Mechanical Products Team has also completed a number of technical information trainings for many products via the Graco University. 

Özer attends an average of five online Graco webinars each year. “Webinars on new products are a particularly efficient way to learn about product promotions, application areas and technical details.” 

Özer and other team members have attended seven trainings  so far in Maasmechelen and consider them an excellent investment in time. “Practical trainings in the workshops immediately after presentations are particularly useful,” he explains. “For example, I remember an excellent – and most enjoyable – two-day training session on the installation of a lubrication system for construction equipment. We were very tired at the end of it, but had a lot of fun. Now we are transferring the lessons learned by training our customers.”

HKTM training at Graco

Invaluable support from Graco in many areas 

In 2019, Graco supported HKTM with a demo and presentation of the Graco Pulse fluid management system to one of Turkey’s largest airline companies, Pegasus Airlines. As a result,   Pegasus have chosen Pulse Pro for their workshop where all their ground vehicles, passenger buses and luggage transportation vehicles are maintained.  

In terms of Graco’s installation support, HKTM has nothing but praise. “We have received support from the Graco team in many system setups. A recent project is the Electrical Fixed Ratio System which we delivered in 2019 to Silverline, which is a big oven and paddle box manufacturer.”

Joint marketing campaigns are also helpful. “The work we have done with Graco in marketing has improved both us and our business. Ifeyinwa Elueze, Trade Marketing Specialist Lubrication Equipment Division, has helped us a lot with trade fairs, LinkedIn posts, and our website. This has significantly increased the number of requests we receive, thanks partially to the optimal use of content, keywords and SEO on our website.”

Joint product development is another area of collaboration. A typical example is the G-Mini lubrication pump, which was introduced at a key distributors’ meeting for input prior to starting up manufacturing. One of the requested features was to place a follower plate in the reservoir for horizontal mounting of the product. This feature has been added to the product. This feature has been added to the product as an option. “It was a great idea to get the opinions of distributors about the new product,” says Özer.

VIP days at Graco 

HKTM works with 14 sectors from different industries in Turkey and abroad, and organizes sector-based VIP days about their projects. At the end of 2019, they organized such an event for the White Goods Sector with Graco’s Sealant and Adhesive  division. Existing and potential customers were invited and given detailed presentations and demos, focusing on products for adhesive sealing applications. This led to many requests and ultimately product orders.

HKTM regularly receives serious customer leads from Graco which Özer and his colleagues follow up by phone. “If we can meet the request by phone, we immediately start the estimation process. If not, we arrange to visit the customer as soon as possible. This invariably leads to a request to submit a cost estimate.” 

“I am delighted to be working closely with such a global and well-organized business partner. Dealing with Graco’s people and products has greatly improved my own knowledge and expertise in technical, sales and marketing strategies, which in turn has benefited HKTM.” - Örsan Özer, Team Leader Mechanical Products


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