Georgia-based Auto-Lube Services partners with Graco

What made a distinguished automatic lubrication distributor work closely with Graco to provide reliable auto lube systems to its customers?

Auto-Lube Services, Inc., based in Loganville, Georgia provides grease and oil lubrication systems for the construction, mining, on-road, and industrial markets across the south-east United States. Turnkey systems, parts, service, warranty, audits, and training all fall within their product and services portfolio. 


A commitment to customer care

In this highly competitive market, providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction is absolutely crucial. “We are committed to deliver only top-shelf (A+) service,” explains Erik B., VP of Sales, Auto-Lube Services, Inc. “This means listening to a customer’s specific challenges and meeting their requirements: whatever they are, and wherever the customer is located.”

This commitment to quality also extends to the vendors of the equipment they use. “We were looking for a vendor that had the same philosophy on taking care of their customers as we do,” says Erik.


A match of similar philosophies

At the same time, Graco is strategic about who is allowed to represent the Graco brand in the marketplace. For example, it’s important that our distribution partners’ goals align with those of Graco’s commitment to A+ customer service to customers and end users.

From the first meeting it was clearly apparent that Auto-Lube Services Inc. and Graco were a perfect match. “I’ve been doing this for eight years, and Graco has been the best partner we could have hoped for in the lubrication market,” remarks Jason H., project manager, Auto-Lube Services, Inc. “They’ve brought a new layer of innovation and support that we have never seen with other manufacturers.” He adds, “The partnership we have with Graco is one for the 21st century.”  


How does Graco support partners like Auto-Lube Services?

We support our partners with insight from knowledgeable insiders who help our distributors realize opportunities and avoid missteps, including multilingual technical assistance and a customer service call-center. We also offer online training courses via Graco University and live sessions at our Training Centers around the world. It gives participants a hands-on opportunity to experience how products perform and how they can benefit the specific needs of end users.

Our sales tools include the Graco Sales Book. This tool is offered to the distribution channel to help serve our customers with the most up-to-date resources. Jason finds it indispensable: “I’m able to routinely use the Graco Sales Book app when I’m out visiting with a customer and I would like to show him a manual or a short video on a product.”

Naturally, the Graco website is kept fully up-to-date as a valuable resource. It’s the “go-to” place to gain information on applications, products and the Graco brand, and was recently redesigned to make the visitor experience more intuitive. “The Graco website allows customers to easily search for any pump or any kind of technical document that they may be seeking,” says Jason. 


Graco: Reliable and responsive

Graco’s legacy is built on delivering premium-quality, highly accessible products and services for modern lubrication, backed by world-class customer service and support. Compelled to meet rigorous standards of excellence, we continually design and redesign our systems to simplify everyday workloads for customers around the globe.

Graco systems are more reliable, so our customers can be more productive and profitable in an ever-changing world. Our teams are very responsive, so customers have the information they need to make well-informed decisions. And we partner with organizations who demand the same. We prove it, day after day. Year after year. Always.

When Erik is asked about his relationship with Graco, he replies, “It’s second to none for us. It really opens new avenues for us … into other markets that we’ve never been able to get into before.” He added, “I sell Graco on the reliability and functionality of their innovative new products coming to the market — products that are in tune with the harsh conditions and environments that they operate their equipment in.”

Adrian B., president of Auto-Lube Services, Inc., has a similar view of Graco:

“It’s the Graco brand name. It stands for quality, good price, great delivery. When you couple that with technology and local service and support, I think it’s the best the customer can ask for.”

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