Graco Inc.

Graco Mini Merkur™ More Effective for Metal Application


Medocaine de Construction Viticole “MCV”

MCV is a company specialized in the wine agricultural market. They build trailers and specific equipment for wineries. They paint the agricultural trailers with a bucket gun. To improve the spray quality and the comfort of the painters, Mini Merkur was tested in view of replacing the bucket gun.


  • The G40 gun was more comfortable & more flexible for the painter
  • Decreased overspray, saving paint
  • Quick start to paint
  • Quick cleaning, saving solvent
  • Easy transport
  • Simple maintenance


End user:
15 rue du Vigneau, F-33340 Gaillan Médoc, France
Tel: 33 56 41 01 42

Industry Market Sector:
Agricultural Market

Material Specifications:
Bouchillou Paint
50 percent Hardener
50 percent Base

Typical Properties:
A metal finishing application

Graco Equipment:
Graco Mini Merkur 30:1 pump
Inox air-assisted G40 gun

Product pressure 2.5 bar
Air pressure 1.5 bar

Graco Distributor Details:
Mr. Alain Terrier, Air et Pulvérisation
140 rue Raymond Lavigne, F-33110 Le Bouscat
Tel: 33 556 420 502