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Hot Melt  Adhesive Material

InvisiPac Tank-less Hot Melt System

Adhesive materials need for bonding applications

Hot melt adhesive is a key component in many of today’s complex manufacturing processes – including packaging, product assembly, woodworking, bookbinding, cable assembly and many other adhesive bonding applications.

Regardless of the application, unplanned downtime and lost production can cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. Manufacturer success requires consistent delivery of applied hot melt adhesive while fitting into streamlined production and assembly lines.

Innovative technology increases material options and efficiencies for the packaging industry

Traditional hot melt processing equipment utilizing heated tanks (or a variation of) is less efficient and negatively impacts the hot melt adhesive consistency and effectiveness. Packaging industry companies now have more material options with new, innovative hot melt technology.

With the Graco Invisipac tank-free hot melt system, all packaging grade adhesives are available for use - including some adhesive materials once viewed as incompatible with traditional heated-tank systems. The viability, and often increased affordability, of these hot melt adhesive materials further expands the number of adhesive options accessible to the manufacturer.

Manufacturing efficiency relies on proven performance and reliability of bulk hot melt products

Regardless of the application, success should not be effected by the capability of the hot melt adhesive delivery and dispense equipment. With over 90 years fluid handling experience, Graco offers a full-line of bulk melt equipment that is built to consistently deliver a variety of hot melt adhesive materials.

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