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PRO Xs Spray Guns Increase Aircraft Efficiency

Aircraft Refinisher Increases Transfer Efficiency

Always on the lookout for ways to improve product quality and production efficiencies, the East Texas custom aircraft refinisher Aerosmith Aviation recently installed an electrostatic finishing system in the finishing bay of their production hangar.

The new system, which replaced a conventional air spray system, features Graco's new low voltage PRO Xs2 electrostatic air spray gun.

Aerosmith initially became interested in the PRO gun because they wanted to convert to a high solids base coat that would provide them with a tougher, more durable finish and would lower their Hazardous Air Pollutants.

However, their conventional air spray gun did not atomise the high solids material properly. They tested the PRO gun and it did an excellent job spraying this new material. The PRO gun allowed them to use the new high solids paint, maintain the quality finish and reduce the dry to tape time.

According to Production Manager Mr. Sandy McPherson, the electrostatic gun also provides excellent wrap around the wings and body crevices of the aircraft. In addition, the gun is lightweight, smaller than other electrostatic spray guns, well balanced and is easy to manoeuvre. He says their painters adapted to the gun right away and it atomises the high solids base coat just like a conventional air spray gun.

The PRO gun also increased transfer efficiency by 30 percent, which was a significant benefit for Aerosmith. Many refinishers might have been happy with reducing their material consumption by a third and adding the savings to their bottom line. Aerosmith saw it as an opportunity to provide a higher quality finish. They decided that the material savings received from the PRO gun would allow them to spray a third coat. The third coat really provides a rich finish. Their customers recognize the difference and appreciate the extra effort.

The PRO Xs2 electrostatic spray gun was designed to fill the gap between air spray/HVLP and existing high voltage electrostatics by maximizing performance and material savings. The PRO Xs2 gun utilizes a patent pending Power Point™ design to enhance the electrostatic field at the front of the gun for maximum transfer efficiency at a lower voltage, while achieving the finish quality of air spray

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