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Kaltenbach and ProMix™ 2KS



Kaltenbach (Lörrach, Germany) is a company dedicated to the development, production, sale and servicing of a complete range of products for the metal processing industry (sawing, drilling, flame cutting, punching, shearing machines…), with more than 120.000 machines in production worldwide. At Hengelo (the Netherlands) they produce automatic turbine blasting machines that are sold around the world.
Kaltenbach upgraded their facilities to increase the final quality of their products while reducing VOCs , energy consumption ,using new renewable sources of energy and simplifying processes.

A few examples:

  • The change to new high solids “structured” paints = save two steps compared to their previous painting process.
  • The future change to electrostatic applications to increase speed and attain more paint savings.
  • The use of new multifunction spray booths where parts are cleaned with pressure washers (recycled water), phosphated and painted without the need to move parts from one area to another of the factory. Big parts are cleaned manually in one booth and small ones are cleaned in another totally automatic booth.
  • The use of “Sun trucker” illumination systems: natural sunlight is driven inside the facility by using mirror reflexions. 

Regarding the painting process, the main challenge was to handle the heavy structured paints that allow painting parts with only one single layer of paint, without the use of any or additional paint layers.

PAINT IT was the Graco specialized distributor selected by Kaltenbach for this installation:
A ProMix™ 2KS Proportioner and Graco Merkur™ feed pumps were the selected equipment for this job.


The project challenge was to get better results with the easiest possible installation and painting process.

Supply systems:
3 main colours (dark grey, clear grey, turquoise) are recirculated via the Graco proportioners Merkur 30:1 /75cc piston pumps.
One 1K primer and catalyst supply plus 2 extra colours are handled too through the 2 x ProMix 2KS feed pumps from 240 Kg drums with Graco Twistork™ agitators.

2 x ProMix 2KS with G3000 Gear meters and with High Pressure colour changers are the soul of the installation. The Graco proportioners supply the paint to the gun homogenously mixed in 7:1 mix ratio (structured paint from DR. Demuth).


Each ProMix 2KS feeds a Graco G40 Air-Assisted Airless gun per booth. Both units use Gun Flush Boxes for automatic flushing. With this gun, Kaltenbach gets the right “structured” finishing with just one layer of paint, achieving the right anticorrosion protection for the parts with the right finishing quality.


According to Martijn Geerdink, Technical Director of Kaltenbach-Hengelo, the main advantages of the new systems and painting processes are:

  • The painting process is 3 times faster than in the past using 1K paints and without ProMix 2KS proportioners. Most of the primer applications are eliminated and are now directly done with structured paint.
  • A cleaner and more efficient paint process: cleaning, phosphate and paint applications done inside the same spray booth; the use of High solid paints generate less contamination by VOCs; easy to use ProMix 2KS with automatic colour changes and flushes with Gun Flush Box saves labour cost and reduces human mistakes and works repetition.
  • Low noise levels in the mix room thanks to the quiet Merkur air motors.
  • Easy-to-use technology, fast returns of investment, high satisfaction of customers: the objective of every Graco project!

Thanks to Kaltenbach for their confidence in Graco and Paint It;
Thanks to Paint It for a professional installation work.


2K structured paint application on metal processing machinery with ProMix 2KS
Material Specifications:
Dr. Demuth GmbH structured paint
High solids paint, 7:1 mix ratio
Constant agitation. Recirculation till HP colour change valves

GRACO Equipment:
-2 x ProMix 2KS MD1003, HP Colour changers, GFB
- 7 x Merkur 30:1, 75cc
-2 x G40 AA guns
-4 x Twistork agitators on pail cover

Industry Market Sector
Metal processing machines

GRACO Distributor Details:
6716 BE EDE
The Netherlands
Fax: 0031318643042
Phone: 0031318643260

Author Details:
César Pérez Peña
Sales Supervisor Finishing West Europe

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