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RS Gel Coat Gun  Discover the next generation gel coat gun

Deliver a superior spray pattern with the ergonomic gel coat guns from Graco

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Innovations engineered into the Graco RS Gel Coat Gun are sure to make a difference in your production uptime. It's lighweight, ergonomic, designed for tool-less operation and fast, easy maintenance as well.

In addition, the Graco RS Gel Coat Gun delivers an excellent spray pattern with its Air Assist Containment (AAC) technology. AAC wraps the spray pattern in a containment shield of air - preventing atomized droplets from escaping the spray pattern. Less overspray reduces material waste and creates a healthier work area for employees.

Graco RS Gun
Graco RS Gun



  • Lightweight - up to 44% lighter than the competition for better spraying control
  • Quick-disconnect front end reduces maintenance time and increases uptime
  • Unique needle clamp design eliminates need to adjust needle setting after routine service
  • Delivers superior spray pattern
  • Promotes a healthier work environment due to less overspray
  • Available in internal and external mix models