Graco Inc.

Viscount II 1200 and 3100  Hydraulic Piston Pumps

Hydraulic piston pump ideal for letterpress and lithographic inks

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When paired with any of Graco's priming piston pumps, the Viscount II hydraulic air motor offers exceptional cost savings by operating on 20% of the energy used by a pneumatic motor. The Viscount II, Graco's patented hydraulic motor, replaces the King, Bulldog or Senator motors with the 800 or 2100 pump.

  • Clean, quiet and efficient hydraulic power
  • Extremely durable hydraulic pump with long-life packing design
  • Highly efficient Viscount hydraulic motor reduces energy costs
  • Stainless steel wetted parts with neoprene packings

Viscount II Hydraulic Motor
Maximum hydraulic fluid input pressure: Models 217022, 217338, 235345.
1500 psi
103 bar, 10 MPa
Maximum hydraulic fluid input pressure: Model 262818
1800 psi
124 bar, 12 MPa
Maximum hydraulic fluid input pressure: Model 24W139
1900 psi
13.1 MPa, 131 bar
Maximum hydraulic fluid flow
12 gpm
45.6 lpm
Hydraulic fluid consumption
1 gal per 5 cycles
3.8 l per 5 cycles
Effective piston area
4.9 sq in
31.6 sq cm
Piston rod diameter
2.5 in
64 mm
Stroke length
4.69 in
119.1 mm
Thrust at 1500 psi (10 MPa, 103 bar)
7300 psi
32 472 N
approximately 96 lb
43.5 kg
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