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Saving paint and time with Graco Electrostatic System

Finishing Division Application Story


Serving the automotive industry, both car plants and after-market, with the production of aluminium alloy wheels, CEVHER WHEEL COMPANY is located in Aegean Free Zone, Izmir Turkey. Atu, Rod, Alutec / Rial and Proline are some of their worldwide after-market customers; VW, BMW, Skoda, PS and Audi are some of their car plant customers.
Founded in 1986, the Graco distributor GENMAR has been a solution partner to the industrial sector for fluid handling. They actively work in the motor vehicle and components industry. White goods, electronics, petrochemical and machine producers are some other industrial sectors served.
Cevher Wheel contacted Genmar to find a solution for minimizing time of colour change on a wet coating line. Transfer efficieny was targeted as well decreasing waste level during production.


Genmar offered the Pro XS Auto electrostatic gun to increase production speed and transfer efficiency. Diaphragm pumps with drum agitators were used in the paint kitchen with PLC controlled Graco colour change system.
The applicator of competitor brand D. and pumps of competitor brand W. were removed completely after the new installation.


After the new installation with Graco equipment in the wet coating paint line, the total time of colour change decreased to 2-3 minutes whereas it was originally 20-30 minutes. This helped Cevher Wheel increase their production speed on a large scale.

Also, the paint savings per wheel produced was calculated at being approximately 20 gr of paint. The yearly amount is tremendous when taking into consideration the size of the company with a turnover of nearly 55 million


Cevher Wheel

Industry Market Sector
Aluminium Wheel Manufacturer

Automatic electrostatic paint line installation with PLC controlled colour change.

Material Specifications
1K conductive electrostatic application suitable paint,
Ladkwitzer and Cetalon are paint manufacturers

Typical Properties
One component, conductive.

GRACO Equipment
Husky Diaphragm Pumps and ProXS Electrostatic Automatic applicators


Husky 716 Aluminium
Drum Agitator Stainless Steel
ProXS 4 Auto 85 kW HC
Colour Change Valves
LP Back Pressure Regulator
Gear Meter G3000
GB Probe Assy
Conductive Hoses
Fluid Filter
Graco Line Accessories

GRACO Distributor Details
4. Levent, Istanbul TURKEY
Tel: 90 212 2822880
Fax: 90 212 280 7074