Graco Inc.

Hot Melt  Adhesive Material

Hot melt adhesive dispense for carton and package sealing.

Package and container sealing is a key component of today’s complex manufacturing processes. Hot melt adhesive has played a major role in the packaging process for decades. Unplanned packaging downtime and lost production can cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. Manufacturer success relies on consistent delivery of applied hot melt adhesive while fitting into streamlined packaging lines.

Legacy systems create downtime and limit hot melt adhesive options

Traditional hot melt processing equipment utilizing heated tanks (or a variation of) is less efficient and negatively impacts the hot melt adhesive consistency and effectiveness. Some packaging companies have tried transitioning to more expensive, temperature stable adhesives in an attempt to negate some of the drawbacks of hot melt tank equipment. While these adhesives have value to offer in their own right, adhesive choice should not be dictated by the capability of the hot melt equipment.

New technology increases material options and efficiencies

Since new tank-free hot melt systems are compatible with a range of adhesives, packaging companies now have more material options. All packaging grade adhesives are available for use with a tank-free system, including metallocene, EVA and others, expanding the options for packaging managers. Additionally, adhesive materials once viewed as incompatible with traditional heated-tank systems due to their brief pot life stability or tendency to char have now become viable options for use with emerging tank-free systems. The viability, and often increased affordability, of these hot melt adhesive materials further expands the number of adhesive options accessible to the manufacturer.

Graco hot melt products include Invisipac, the ONLY tank-free hot melt system

Graco offers a line of bulk melt equipment to handle hot melt materials such as butyl rubber, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polyamide, polyisobutylene (PIB), polyurethane reactive (PUR), pressure sensitive adhesives, (PSA) and more. Click on the images below to learn more about the products that are helping packaging companies maximize their working uptime and material efficiency – including the revolutionary Graco InvisiPac tank-free hot melt system.