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Joype chooses ProMix II

The functionality of the ProMix II system has proven itself at Joype.

JOYPE started out as a small furniture artisan and within just a few years, has become a leader in manufacturing wood furniture. With ISO 9001/2 certification, Joype designs, manufactures and exports all sorts of contemporary furniture from their 20.000 square meter factory in Yecla–Murcia, Spain, an industrially developed region specialised in wood furniture manufacturing. 

Joype focuses on constant innovation with a large range of models, finishing and colours. With this need and the objective of constantly adapting production facilities to new technologies as basis for regular growth, Joype, in collaboration with CETEM (technical centre to develop wood market production in the area), and Graco distributor Suministros y Desarrollos Brigman, installed the first Graco ProMix™ II in this region for the wood market.

Before the installation of the new ProMix II, the 2K PU with textured finishings were manually pre-mixed and applied later. This generated waste of premixed paint and cleaning solvent, with the inconvenience of handling this waste material, and high labour costs required to prepare batches and clean equipment. The use of 6 different textured colours and up to 10 colour changes during the 22-hour production day, clearly recommended a ProMix II as the right electronic proportioning system to optimize this part of the production at Joype.

The soul of the new installation at Joype is now the Graco ProMix II; with integrated colour changes for 6 colours, the proportioner is fed with Felosa textured 2K PU’s from 20 liter pails (with continuous agitation by Triton™ 308 double diaphragm pumps), which is applied using an airspray application.


With these production conditions, the advantages of the ProMix II proportioner are:

- A high increase in productivity, compared to the old hand pre-mixing procedures.
- Savings of up to 30 percent of wasted paint thanks to the integrated colour change system and programmed flushes optimised to reduce paint/solvent waste (with the corresponding reduction of VOCs).
- Much faster and efficient colour changes
- Reduced labour costs that now are dedicated to other purposes in the plant.
- Improvement of the work place for painters, no longer exposed to VOCs during the paint preparation, premixing & solvent cleaning.
-Better, more consistent and repetitive finishing quality throughout the day. As the proportioner mixes paint on demand, it is always applied with the same reaction time.
- ...and of course, the accuracy and reliability that the ProMix II offers, reducing production parts rejection and human mistakes during the paint preparation.

The functionality of the ProMix II system has proven itself at Joype. With the specialised after-sales service and support that Suministros y Desarrollos Brigman offers with all it’s installations, we are sure that the ProMix II will continue to bring satisfaction to Joype.

Our congratulations and thanks to Joype, Brigman and CETEM for taking the right decision to obtain an efficient & productive system!