Achieve Centralized Lubrication Without Automatic Lubrication

Simultaneous lubrication from a single grease fitting    

EZ Greaser simplifies the task of greasing your truck or tractor; making it possible to lubricate those hard-to-reach grease fittings in the front and rear of your chassis from a single lube point.  No more crawling under the frame or lying on your back to grease the tie rods and lower kingpins.  No more acrobatic stretching to reach the spring hangers hidden behind the fuel tank.  Less pain, less aggravation and less mess are just a few of the advantages the EZ greaser provides.  Plus, since all of the lines are connected directly to the lube point, sand and dirt are prevented from entering the lines, eliminating a source of wear.  

Every point lubricated in a fraction of the time…

Routine maintenance can be anything but routing when it requires more time than is necessary.  EZ Greaser is designed to make a complicated, time-consuming job as easy as point and squeeze.  Once your system is installed all it takes is a few pumps of the grease gun and your entire chassis is lubricated and ready for the road.  And because it is so easy, chances are it will be done when scheduled, leading to less wear and tear from forgetting to lubricate the fittings.  

Everything you need in a single EZ Greaser kit…

Each EZ Greaser kit comes complete with all of the fittings, tubing, adapters, grease divider valves and instructions required to easily install your system.  This system is designed to adapt to a multitude of vehicles including ambulances, package delivery trucks, dump trucks, straight trucks and Class 6 – 8 tractors. 

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