Dispense Guns & Meters

Graco engineers and manufactures a complete line of reliable and ruggedly constructed dispensing guns that are available with a broad range of electronic or mechanical meters. You'll find Graco dispensing guns hard at work in a range of applications from service facilities to dealerships.


Long Lasting Products for Harsh Environments

Graco products last longer than others because we design and build them with the best components. You work in harsh environments and our oil dispensing guns deliver year after year, with no downtime.

Designed to Handle a Variety of Materials

Our line of oil guns handle a wide variety of materials including petroleum- and synthetic-based oils as well as antifreeze, gear lube and ATF. Depending on your needs, you can choose meters that deliver a wide range of flow rates and working pressures up to 1,500 PSI (103 bar), which easily handle long hose runs.

Made for Dealerships to Small Repair Shops to Fleet Maintenance

Graco designs and builds our products to accommodate a variety of applications. These include car and truck dealerships, fleet maintenance shops, fast lubes or small repair shops.

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Graco's EM® Series electronic dispense meters feature a robust design at an affordable price. These long-lasting units are weather rated and shock resistant with IP69K sealed and protected electronics.


Graco’s IM5 in-line electronic meter is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Featuring heavy-duty construction, this meter is ideal for a wide range of applications. The easy-to-use meter measures in pints, quarts, liters or gallons.


Graco's in-line meters with pulse output accurately measure the dispense of petroleum- and synthetic-based oils (motor, gear and ATF). Typical applications include service shops, heavy-duty dealerships and fleet service facilities.


Our family of LD™ Blue automatic reliable nozzles are designed to support your DEF systems. Available with or without a built-in meter. Rely on Graco's long-lasting, reliable DEF nozzles.


Our LD™ Blue in-line meters are designed to be part of a diesel exhaust dispensing system. These compact meters are reliable and easy to integrate into any DEF system.


Graco's LDP5 electronic meters are ideal for metering petroleum and synthetic-based oils, ATF or antifreeze for a broad range of lighter duty applications. These durable electronic preset meters are engineered for performance.


Professionals appreciate the simplicity and reliability of Graco’s family of mechanical meters. Each model is vigorously tested to ensure it performs for your most demanding applications. We engineer them with high-quality components for a long life.


Our capable SD™ Blue nozzle is designed to support your shop’s DEF systems. Cost-effective, yet reliable design.

Graco SD electronic shop fluid meter

Graco's premium SD™ Series meters are full featured and designed to perform in larger dealerships, fleet maintenance shops and municipal garages. Featuring high flow, improved ergonomics and robust durability to put your shop ahead of the competition.


Our SDI15 in-line electronic oil meters accurately measure fluid dispensed. These simple to use in-line meters are ideal for metering a wide range of fluids including petroleum and synthetic-based oils (motor, gear and ATF), antifreeze, windshield washer fluid and diesel exhaust fluid.


Graco’s SDV15 control valves are designed for standard and heavy-duty applications. Like all Graco equipment, our non-metered control valves are built to last. Use with petroleum- and synthetic-based oils (motor, gear and ATF) and antifreeze.


Graco’s XDV20 control valves are designed for standard and heavy-duty applications. Like all Graco equipment, our non-metered control valves are built to last. Use with petroleum- and synthetic-based oils (motor, gear and ATF) and antifreeze.

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