Grease & Oil Injectors

We build our oil and grease injectors for automatic lubrication of mobile equipment to Graco’s high-quality standards. Rest assured these precision machined, long-lasting lubricant injectors will perform for you in harsh and challenging environments. Graco's long-lasting injectors are designed to consistently provide accurate lubrication amounts for heavy trucks, waste haulers, fleets of tractor-trailers, cement trucks and more.

Grease & oil injectors for on-road vehicles and off-road equipment



Minimize Equipment Downtime

Minimize equipment downtime while automatically greasing critical vehicle parts during operation.

Lower Lifetime Maintenance Costs

Graco’s oil and grease injectors, along with other automatic lubrication system components, help lower the lifetime maintenance costs of your equipment by consistently and accurately providing optimal lubrication levels reducing wear and tear.

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Graco’s GL Series™ of large injectors offer higher outputs in a robust design. These reliable and high performing injectors are built to last in the most demanding applications.


Graco's GL Series™ of small injectors offer precise lubrication in an easy to use design. These reliable and high performing injectors allow fast cycling and flexible system configurations.


Graco's Grease Jockey® metering module injectors are designed to provide the right output for your on-road vehicles. The modular design allows flexibility to match your specific vehicle layout.

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