Proper Trailer Lubrication is Important

Automatically lubricate not only your tractor, but your trailer too.

Lubrication isn’t just required for class 5 – 8 vehicles, but it’s also important to properly lubricate your trailer, as well.  The most common issues with improper trailer lubrication are brakes sticking or overheating, which can lead to costly bearing or component failures or worse, safety issues.  

The most reliable solution for your trailer lubrication is to install an automatic lubrication system.  But how do you properly power a lubrication system on a trailer?  Well, the answer is easy – Graco’s Grease Jockey pneumatic trailer pump, works with the parking or service brake lube points, completely eliminating the need for electrical power from the trailer. 

Its heavy-duty pump and reservoir are designed for reliable operation in harsh environments.  The pump is designed to mount to the bogie with a universal mounting bracket.  This location is not only convenient for easy refilling of grease, and monitoring of the grease level, but protects the pump from flying road debris. 

An important safety feature is the slack adjuster and S-cam lubrication, which help stop the brakes from sticking.  This improves brake operation and extends component life. 

The Grease Jockey trailer lubrication system optimally greases the lube points shown in the illustration.  For more information about Graco’s Grease Jockey Trailer Lubrication System, visit our product page for more information or contact us to speak with a qualified representative.




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