Refuse Fleet Chooses Graco to Solve Issues with High Component Wear

On a limited budget, Graco automatic lubrication helps customer reduce component failures

A municipality in Arizona uses Wayne automated side load waste haul trucks for their fleet of refuse vehicles. The articulating side loader reaches out, grabs, and lifts curb side waste ten hours a day, clearing up to 4,000 homes a day. The fleet runs five days a week, year round.

Manual lubrication during the fleet’s scheduled preventative maintenance was unable to provide adequate and proper lubrication to all articulation lube points–especially the grabber arm assemblies. As a result, high wear and high component failure rates were experienced. 

Unsatisfied with other lines of automatic lubrication products and lack of customer service in the past, the city needed a change. On a limited city budget, cost was a major concern in the purchasing decision of a new lube system. After performing research and meeting with Graco’s distributor partner, the city specified and installed Graco’s G3™ Pro Control pump.

In this installation, Graco’s G3 Pro Control pump feeds a seven section MSP™ divider valve that is servicing the 13 critical lube points that make up this system. A pre-assembled MSP base plate provided a seamless installation for this application, providing added convenience for the distributor and assurance that the assembly was done right.

Impressed with the service levels provided by Graco and the distributor partner and ability to stay within their limited budget, the city is now ordering multiple Graco systems for all new trucks they have on order with the truck manufacturer.  They trust Graco to provide high quality products that are designed for a clean installation, and provide high value. 

Graco lubrication systems help equipment last longer by delivering proper lubrication while the equipment is in use.




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