Graco Inc.

G3 Auto Lube System Saves Customer Time & Money

Eliminating downtime from manual lubrication saves customer $1000 daily


Rango Inc., a company that specializes in excavating, mining, dirt hauling, preparation, earth moving and grading was manually lubricating the grease points on their John Deere 870G excavator as part of their preventative maintenance routine. They were sending an hourly employee twice a day to lubricate the bucket to make sure it was getting ample grease for each shift. To ensure the machine would have enough grease to last half a shift, the technicians would often over lubricate the bucket. This lubrication process was taking 45 minutes each time, which they estimated cost them $500 in production every time they stopped the machine to lubricate these points – not including paying wages to the hourly employee.


Graco and the local distributor, Open Loop Energy, immediately started designing a system to help solve Rango’s problems. After one week, they recommended a design consisting of a G3 Standard Pump with a remote fill manifold and MSP divider valves. They also designed in proximity switches and performance dindicators to provide quick troubleshooting in case of a blocked line or high system pressure. In addition, a remote mounted GLC 2200 controller was utilized for in-cab control and feedback display.


The G3 auto lube system was installed within 2 days at the remote site.  Immediately after the installation the customer started reaping benefits from the system.  Instead of sending an employee out to the remote site twice a day to manually lubricate the excavator, Graco’s G3 auto lube system was configured to automatically supply the optimal amount of lubrication to the points every 30 minutes. By automating their maintenance process, the customer estimated saving approximately $1000 daily from lost production and downtime from having to to manually lubricate the machine.

End User  Rango, Inc. - Tempe, AZ
Industry Mining
Application John Deere 870G Excavator
Lubricant Used NLGI #2