Fine Finish Sprayers

Graco fine finish sprayers and HVLP paint sprayers are known for durability, reliability, and overall quality. Contractors deliver the highest quality finish on every job with air spray (HVLP), air-assisted or airless spray technology.

Choose The Right Fine Finish Technology

Air Spray (HVLP)

An HVLP paint sprayer delivers the ultimate control for fine finish jobs. By using a turbine to generate a high volume of air to atomise the coating there is less over spray and a higher transfer rate to deliver precision and flexibility – ideal for small coating amounts and surfaces requiring detailing.

Air Assisted

Ideal for larger jobs requiring an HVLP-level finish, this fine finish sprayer technology delivers a Pro finish with the speed of airless spraying. Coatings are partially atomised through a small tip and a small amount of air is added to the spray fan – resulting in a softer pattern, more control and less overspray.


An airless sprayer uses a piston pump to move the coating through a small spray nozzle at high pressure to atomise the coating. Airless spraying with the fine finish paint sprayer is up to 10 times faster than brushing or rolling and produces an even coating on all types of surfaces, leaving a consistent, high quality finish.

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Graco's Finish Pro HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayers incorporate the newest technology allowing contractors and woodworkers to achieve the highest quality professional finish available in the industry.


The Finish Pro GX 19 is the fast, portable and affordable solution for small finishing jobs that every finishing contractor encounters.


Merkur packages are designed to out-perform and out-last other pumps in their class. Get the precise pressure and output for all of your finishing applications with a variety of models and configurations.


Finish Pro II Air Assisted Airless is Graco’s premier solution to fine finishing. It delivers a high quality finish at a high production rate, and can handle the most challenging materials – without thinning and less overspray.

Finex siphon and gravity feed spray guns

Finex air spray packages offer a more affordable way to spray. These small and lightweight packages are ideal for custom wood and job shop applications.

15233 v2

Graco’s Triton Pump Package is durable, requires little maintenance, plus it delivers a consistent spray pattern and uniform film thickness.


Graco’s Merkur ES spray packages for liquid coatings are designed to use less material than other pumps in its class. Choose between air-assist and airless spray technologies.

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