Interior Texture Sprayer Accessories

From rugged guns and tips to hoses and hoppers, Graco interior texture sprayer accessories and interior texture spray equipment let you customise your sprayer for maximum performance to help you grow your business.


Graco Texture Guns are the ideal guns for heavy coatings and joint compounds. These guns feature oversized passages and a filter-less design for maximum flow and superior atomisation. The ergonomic, lightweight designs provide maximum control and comfort for effortless, all-day spraying.

Genuine Graco hoses and hose sets meet the highest safety standards to save you time and keep you safe on the job site. Additional hose lengths allow you to support multiple guns and keep your sprayer in one place to finish large jobs faster.


Graco’s complete line of Professional Skimming Blades are designed to deliver a fast, glass-like finish with minimal material waste or sanding for Drywall and Plaster finishing applications. Finish every surface job, no matter how large or small, with multiple sizes and an extendable extension poles...

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