Exterior finishing contractors need to understand a variety of applications to achieve commercial and residential exterior designs. Graco paint spraying equipment provides great coverage and a superior finish for residential and commercial jobs.

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The Basics

Spraying Techniques

Understanding and applying these basic spraying techniques will be the difference between a sloppy looking paint job and a professional one.

Equipment Selection

Keeping You Spraying - The Graco Difference

Learn about the key points of difference that set Graco apart and help us produce the high quality equipment our customers have come to depend on for decades.

The Basics

Intro to Airless Paint Spraying

By applying paint in an even, consistent manner, airless spraying allows you to achieve professional results faster and easier than using a brush or roller.

How To

How to Start Up a Paint Sprayer

Proper start up of your paint sprayer is an important step to keep it running at maximum performance and efficiency, year after year.

The Basics

How to Clean Up a Paint Sprayer

Making sure your paint sprayer is properly cleaned will help deliver a consistent, professional finish and a solid return on your investment.

The Basics

Components of an Airless Paint Sprayer

Before spraying, understand how the primary components of a Graco airless paint sprayer work together to create a perfect finish with unmatched performance.

The Basics

Choosing and Understanding Spray Tips

To help determine how thick of a coating you’ll be able to spray, it's important to understand the fan-width and orifice-size of a spray tip.

The Basics

Airless Sprayer Safety

In order to ensure a safe working environment and avoid serious injuries, make sure you completely understand all of the elements of airless sprayer safety.

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