Airless Sprayer Safety

WATCH: Airless Sprayer Safety (3:01)


Safety is a shared responsibility. It is up to everyone to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Graco, as a manufacturer, is responsible for providing reliable products as well as safety information.
  • The sales team, as representatives of Graco, should demonstrate and point out safety devices and procedures when demonstrating airless spray equipment.
  • Distributors and their employees are responsible for training their staff about airless spray equipment and should always follow safety procedures.
  • Airless spray equipment users should read all of the warnings and should follow all safety precautions and procedures.

An effective way to become familiar with safety considerations and procedures is to review the Instruction Manuals that are included with Graco products. The manuals use icons to represent the different types of hazards, such as fire and explosion, toxicity, injection and others. The icons indicate the location of safety information located throughout the instruction manuals and operating instructions.