Components of an Airless Paint Sprayer

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When it comes to painting quickly and efficiently, professional painters rely on an airless sprayer. Spraying is four times faster than rolling, ten times faster than brushing and gives a smooth, professional finish.

So how does it work?

While Graco sprayers contain the most advanced performance and ease-of-use features, an airless sprayer can be understood with seven basic systems;

  1. Motor & Drive System – These work together to provide power to the pump and are available in both electric and petrol powered units. Graco MaxPower™ brushless motors deliver a higher torque with the longest life and no spark when spraying flammable materials.
  2. Piston Pump – This is sometimes called the heart of an airless sprayer because it’s really the most important part. The piston pump does the work of drawing the coating from your source bucket and then pressurises the coating.
  3. Pressure Control Dial – This feature regulates the fluid pressure. When spraying, it is recommended to use the lowest fluid pressure at which atomisation occurs. Spraying at lower pressure creates less overspray and makes equipment and tips last longer – saving you money on materials and equipment!
  4. Manifold Filter – This is designed to catch debris that may have entered your sprayer, catching and removing items that could otherwise impact your finish quality, damage your sprayer, or clog your spray tips.
  5. Fluid Hose – The fluid is delivered as a steady stream of high-pressure fluid through a hose to the spray gun.
  6. Spray Gun – The spray gun acts as the on/off valve for the material being sprayed. This is the last stop for the fluid before being applied and is a key item to provide a professional finish.
  7. Spray Tip – When the gun trigger is pulled, the fluid passes through the spray tip which uses different orifice sizes and shapes to control the spray pattern and the amount of fluid the gun releases.

There are many other optional features available on Graco sprayers; however, these are the seven main parts of any sprayer. When these seven components work in unison within a Graco airless sprayer, they create unmatched performance, speed and ease of application for any spray job.


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