Polyurea Spray Equipment

Graco's selection of polyurea spray equipment is designed for very low, low to medium, and high output polyurea spraying applications. When you need equipment for applying polyurea or other hybrid coatings, our next generation technology for polyurea gives you a better and more consistent spray performance.

Polyurea Machines for Any Application

Portable & Entry Level Reactors

Built for value, ease-of-use, and portability, Reactor entry-level polyurea spray systems are ideal for low to medium output applications.

Reactor E-10hp

Reactor A-XP1

Mid-Production Reactors

The smaller footprint of these mid-production polyurea systems will free up space in your trailer or lorry while providing plenty of power and productivity.

Reactor E-XP2

Reactor H-XP2

Integrated PowerStation

High Production Reactors

These high-production hydraulic polyurea spray systems are incredibly dependable and capable of extremely high duty cycles for increased daily productivity.

Reactor H-XP3

polyurea roof coating

Industry-Leading Polyurea Equipment

Graco's complete line of Reactor spray foam and polyurea machines were designed with the contractor in mind. Whether you need spray equipment for polyurethane foam, polyurea, or hybrid coatings, our next generation technology for polyurea coatings deliver unmatched spray performance.

All Applications and Production Levels

From portable and mid-level equipment to high production hydraulic systems – residential garage floors to roofing applications to massive tank coating projects and everything in between, Graco has you covered.


Count on the Reactor 2 E-XP2 proportioner for next-gen technology in applying fast-curing polyurea coatings. Because it's a Reactor 2 series proportioner, it offers software and hardware enhancements for better spray performance, plus technologies that add to your bottom line. The Reactor 2 E-XP2 is...


The Reactor E-10hp is an entry level system for pure and hybrid polyurea coatings, smaller polyurethane foam or polyurea touch-up projects that applies up to 5.4 kg (12 lb) per minute. If you want to add polyurea projects to your line up, the Reactor E-10hp High Pressure Proportioner is a smart, aff...


Graco's hydraulic Reactor H-XP2 brings increased yield and high output spraying. Ideal for in-plant OEM's or applicators that spray at high volumes. For coatings that require high pressures - applies up to 10.6 litres (2.8 gal) per minute. Graco's line of hydraulic Reactors brings increased yield an...


The Integrated PowerStation is advanced power solution that is plug-and-play with Reactor 2 E-30, E-XP2, H-30, and H-XP2 spray foam and polyurea proportioners. Configure a new spray rig fast with a compact, energy efficient, turnkey power supply from Graco.


The Reactor A-XP1 is a Graco-engineered coatings proportioner for polyurea coatings that applies up to 5.7 litres (1.5 gal) per minute. This systems gives you the reliability you expect on the job site. It maintains consistent temperature control, even when you're spraying at maximum flow rates – re...

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