Protective Coating Sprayers

For contractors looking for the industry's broadest selection of protective coatings sprayers and equipment, Graco offers unmatched high pressure performance and cost saving reliability. These built-to-last sprayers and components are designed to handle protective coating applications such as polyurea, urethanes, 100% solids epoxies and more.

Sprayers that handle the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control applications

Single leg pumps - King, e-Xtreme and TexSpray

Graco offers a complete lineup of the industry’s most dependable single-component sprayers—in the exact size you need to accomplish any airless spray project where high pressure performance is required.

Plural component sprayers

Replace hot potting and hand mixing with the precise mixing and flawless performance of Graco's plural-component equipment, allowing you to spray the toughest high-solid materials accurately and on-ratio every time.

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The Graco King units are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and easily handle the toughest protective coating and corrosion control applications. The King simply rules in all conditions.


The e-Xtreme sprayer operates on a more reliable electric power source, which rectifies inefficiencies associated with compressors. Furthermore, electric technology reduces pulsation and prevents motor icing, making your jobs run smoother every single time.


Merkur packages are designed to out-perform and out-last other pumps in their class. Get the precise pressure and output for all of your finishing applications with a variety of models and configurations.


Graco’s family of TexSpray HD Gas Airless Sprayers is ideal for contractors who demand reliability and durability. They handle the widest range of tip sizes, longer hose lengths and heavier coatings with ease. Optimised for heavy coatings, as well as the full range of paints and primers.


Graco’s family of GH Big Rig gas hydraulic sprayers is ideal for contractors who need maximum performance and unmatched performance. Perfect for large jobs, these sprayers are available with different performance points to spray nearly any coating.


When it comes to hard-to-atomise materials, look no further than DutyMax. Easily handle hard-to-spray protective coating materials in a gas powered sprayer. Plus, it’s easily transported in a small truck and easy to position where you need it.


Graco Mark HD Electric Airless Sprayers are ideal for contractors who need versatility, reliability and performance. They handle a wide range of tip sizes, longer hose lengths and heavier coatings with ease. Optimised for heavy coatings, as well as the full range of paints and primers.

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