Graco Inc.

LD Blue DEF Pumps and Packages  Solutions for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Transfer

Des­­igned for quick, easy installation and dispensing

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Long-lasting efficiency in a compact, high-performance electric pump package

Reduced Maintenance - Features a self-priming membrane pump, which has no need for a dynamic seal.

Stay Up and Running Longer - Reduce downtime and get more work done with the LD Blue systems–up to twice the life of competitive pumps.

Built-In Safety and Reliability - Automatic shut off timer (6.5 min) incorporated into the pump. Prevents the pump from running past the duty cycle and maximizes the life of the pump.

  • Choose the package that's right for your application
    • 120v or 12v Electric Pump,
    • Automatic or manual dispense nozzel,
    • Stainless steel mounting bracket,
    • 2', 5', or 20' hoses,
    • Optional meter
  • Maximum flow rate of 9 gpm (120V) or 9.5 gpm (12V)