Heavy Equipment Automatic Lubrication Kits

Yellow Iron Kit Selector

Graco Automatic Lubrication builds on our trusted brand name — one singularly focused on providing advanced technologies, including pumps, meters, controllers and accessories, to accurately lubricate equipment when you need it most. Our systems can even capture critical data that can be used to simplify other tasks for key decision-makers. As a result, our comprehensive automatic lubrication offering features market-leading innovation and reliability.

This Selector identifies Kits and the Installation Manual.

The automatic lubrication system design described in the installation manual is based upon representative equipment models. Models may vary slightly depending on series and year. Additional hose, fittings, and valve outlet doubling plugs are supplied with the system to modify the system based on your model's specific configuration. Always refer to the OEM's manuals for details on lubrication intervals.

See how Graco's G3 automatic lubrication system cuts grease usage in half, reduces downtime and keeps recycling plant running.

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