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Pulse Pro and Pulse FC are both part of the Pulse Fluid Management family. Pulse FC focuses on basic fluid control, allowing only dispenses that have been authorized with fluid cards programmed using the Pulse FC PC-based software. Pulse Pro is a fully featured fluid management system that not only can provide control but also provides full data about dispenses, including who completed the dispense, what was dispensed, when it was dispensed, where it was dispensed and, finally, why it was dispensed by tracking the work order number. Pulse Pro also offers advanced reporting and the ability to integrate with popular DMS and fleet management software.

Not directly. Pulse FC is a fluid control system similar to Fluid Commander, but it controls fluids in a different way, using SD preset meters versus separate fluid solenoids and in-line meters along with the control box. A site with Fluid Commander would need to remove the system and install SD meters along with the Pulse FC system to upgrade.

Pulse FC is flexible and can be used in a wide range of workflows. But the following are the three most common workflows:

  1. Fluid cards are programmed when the work order is created and other parts are pulled. The card can then be passed along with other parts, such as filters, to the technician.
  2. Fluid cards are programmed directly by the technician using them.
  3. Fluid cards are programmed in bulk and are inventoried similar to filters issued to a quick lane. 

Pulse FC works with our upgraded SD Preset meters launched in 2019. These meters can be easily identified by the gray keypad.

The Pulse FC starter kit (26C401) includes everything needed to upgrade an SD preset meter. The kit contains software, a software activation key, the card programmer and cards. An included software quick guide provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up the system.

Yes. Because the SD Preset meter and the Pulse Pro meter use similar mechanics, the SD preset meter electronics can be replaced with the Pulse Pro Bezel kit and a Hub can be added to transition the system to Pulse Pro.

Cards (130783) are available from Pulse FC distributors and come in a pack of 50.

No, but it is recommended you use the Graco cards, as they have been specifically tested to work with the meters.

Dispenses will remain on the card indefinitely until it is used on a meter or reprogrammed with the Pulse FC software.

Out Dispense – A Fluid Card of entered quantity has been created for the defined fluid.

Cancelled Dispense – A Fluid Card has been created and then cancelled or overwritten by the user.

Returned Dispense – A Fluid Card has been created, used at a meter and successfully returned to the Pulse FC Programmer.

A fluid total card is first programmed in the Pulse FC software. This card can then be tapped to each meter that you want to totalize dispenses from. When the card is tapped to the meter, the total amount of fluid dispensed from that meter since the last total card was used will be transferred to the card. When the total card is returned to the reader, a total by fluid will appear in the totals table. Note: Only the total amount of fluid will show; individual dispenses and total by meter are not available. It is a sum of all totals by fluid.

Fluid totals is the total amount of fluid actually dispensed. Total authorized is the total amount of fluid that has been loaded onto the fluid cards. Note: Pulse FC records only what was authorized, not what was actually dispensed on a per-dispense basis.

Under the Help menu, select Check for Updates. If available, the update can be downloaded to the computer and the executable run to update the software.

On the Dispenses tab, click on the “Mark as Hidden” icon found on the right side of each line.

The Disable Pulse FC is an important card that returns meters in Pulse FC to Preset Mode. This card is required when there is an issue with the system or the computer that the Pulse FC software is installed on.

Tap the Disable Pulse FC card to the meter after the meter has been woken up.

Use the Disable Pulse FC card to return the meters to Preset mode. If the software needs to be installed on a new computer, call Graco Technical Assistance at 844-241-9503 to have the activation key moved.

No. Pulse FC is designed to work on one computer only. All meters in Pulse FC are tied to work only with the software they were programmed by for security purposes.

a.       Pulse FC requires the following Windows Operating System services and drivers to be installed on your PC prior to running.

The Pulse FC Installer contains the following built-in installers:



Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1

Sql Server 2016 LocalDB

ACS Unified PC/SC Driver

b.      The Pulse FC Installer installs the ACS Unified PC/SC Driver automatically. When the Pulse FC Programmer is plugged in with Windows Plug and Play Service enabled, Windows will search for and install the most up-to-date ACR122U driver.

c.       To install Sql Server 2016 LocalDB or Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1, select the corresponding prerequisites check box and click Next.

d.      The Pulse FC Installer will proceed to run the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 and Sql Server 2016 LocalDB installers. 

e.      Note: Prerequisites need to be installed only once on a user’s PC. 

For security reasons, each Pulse system is separate. One starter kit is required for each shop.

See meter manual for full instructions. When in Pulse FC mode, a one-time use calibration card is needed for each meter.

The cards are reusable and can be programmed again after use. However, only a single dispense can be programmed to a card at a time.

Yes, the registration is built into the Pulse FC software and is required to use the system. It will appear directly following the End User License Agreement when the software is used for the first time.

Use the Disable Pulse FC card to return the meters to Preset mode. Install the Pulse FC software on the new computer, and call Graco Technical Assistance at 844-241-9503 to have the activation key moved.

Pulse FC works only on Windows PCs at this time.

Pulse FC includes basic exporting of the Dispenses and Total tab tables into CSV files. This can be done by going to File and Export.

You will need to program a new card for the technician. Once a card is programmed, it will keep the fluid on it until it is used at a meter or reprogrammed with the Pulse FC software. You will know that the card hasn’t been returned because it will still show an “out” status in the dispenses screen.

If you still have the Pulse FC installed on the computer used to program the meters, a new Disable Pulse FC Card can be created at any time. In the case of the computer failing, please call Graco Technical Assistance at 844-241-9503.

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