Graco Inc.

Pro Xpc Auto Electrostatic Spray Guns  Automatic Electrostatic Air Spray Guns

Compact, lightweight guns for robots and fixtures with lower payloads

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The Pro Xpc auto is safe, durable, PLC controllable, designed for efficient system integration and comes with a serialized certificate of performance. The system has 250 user settable presets and maintenance reminders that can be controlled from a PLC or switchbox control. This improves the flexibility of the client, who can spray with a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Robot friendly with a weight and size that allows robots greater reach capabilities
  • Improve processes with switch box that makes spraying flexible
  • Invest in safer equipment with design features that reduce risks
  • Maximize profits with patent pending charge points for high transfer efficiency and reduced material usage
  • System integration with nozzle tips to assemble a robot movement system or fixture