Simplify Lubrication with Grease Jockey

Make Manual Lubrication a Thing of the Past

Graco has decades of experience with automatic lubrication systems. They are suitable for on-road trucks, tractors and trailers; city buses and long-run coaches; intermediate sized vehicles; and all sorts of specialty vehicles.

One such system is the Grease Jockey automatic lubrication system. It comes as a pre-designed kit including all accessories for popular chassis types of most OEM on-road vehicles. Moreover, it can be easily customized to fit specialty vehicles such as fire trucks, cement trucks and waste haulers.

Grease Jockey covers all the lube points in the illustration below. 

Grease Jockey incorporates a rigid, transparent reservoir for fast, at-a-glance level indication. Durable cast metal pump housings ensure long life. A stand-alone timer can be mounted in the cab for on-the-road adjustment. 

Grease Jockey injector modules are pre-set and field adjustable to match the chassis. Right front, left front, rear and 5th wheel modules provide coverage for virtually any vehicle. Tubing bundles are pre-charged with grease and color coded for quick installation, while innovative mounting hardware positions the system components along the frame rail for added protection.


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