Aggregate Quarry Gains Control of Auto Lube System

Wheel loaders and other heavy yellow iron equipment are operating 14 to 16 hours a day at a Hanson Aggregates company. Knowing what’s going on with the maintenance of each machine is critical to keeping them running optimally throughout the day. Watch to see how Hanson Aggregates took advantage of the GLC™ X lubrication controller to supply them with essential data on their automatic lubrication system.



Jason H., the technical services manager for the #1 business in the world for aggregate, explains that “the GLC X Controller monitors every lubrication event [and] every lubrication interval, and any kind of alarms or problems that the system may have gets logged and recorded into an easy-to-read format.” He continues, “If you use the Auto Lube app, you can actually [use Bluetooth to connect] to the controller and download the data. It takes less than 30 seconds and then you’ve got all the data on your phone. My technicians routinely use this in the field to look at the data on a system, and then with a push of one button they can send me the data file through text message or email. Within seconds I’m looking at the data, [at] when the last time it had an alarm [or] if it’s got a low level issue, and everything shows up easily on a chart.”

The GLC X auto lube controller has allowed Jason to capture more data and make faster, smarter decisions to extend equipment life cycles, optimize uptime and enhance productivity. When the controller is paired with the intuitive Graco Auto Lube app, Jason can monitor system performance and make adjustments with incredible speed, precision and freedom from his mobile device.

GLC X auto lube controller takes up less space in the cab of a Cat 990 wheel loader



Plant manager TJ S. relates that on the previous system “we didn’t know [if it was not pumping]; it would just give us a red light or a fault … and the system would be down.” He adds, “With the app, we’re able to see what exactly is going on, so we can communicate better with the tech to fix the problem.”

Getting data from a controller has never been easier, say TJ and his operators. With the GLC X, operators can easily track faults, monitor performance, check grease levels in their Compact Dyna-Star® pump and more. Pairing the controller with the Graco Auto Lube app allows them to retrieve and manage profiles, review metrics, and share history. Learn more about how auto lube improves productivity and safety at a Hanson Aggregates quarry with the Compact Dyna-Star pump.

Cat 990 wheel loader with text GLC X Controller app allows supervisors to see grease logs and understand when and where problems occur should they arise



Safety is always the #1 concern on the job. An auto lube system eliminates the need to climb around dangerous areas of large machinery to lubricate hard-to-reach pivot points, bearings, bushings and other critical lubrication points. Production supervisor Chris E. explains that “as a supervisor I have a peace of mind ’cause now I know that everything has been greased on the machine.” He adds, “It’s not putting my operators in harm’s way, having to crawl up on the machines every day in tight spaces. So it just — safety-wise and production-wise — it gives me a peace of mind.”

Cat 990 wheel loader with text GLC X Controller and app improves safety and productivity

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