Off-Road Equipment Automatic Lubrication

Use Graco Auto Lubrication Systems to enhance uptime, improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs in any environment.




Manual lubrication occurs when the machine is inoperable. With Graco automatic lubrication — Our systems are always on, always working — so your equipment can do the same.


Recoup your investment quickly — possibly within one month. An inoperable piece of equipment can grind your entire operation to a halt while you wait for repairs. Inadequate lubrication can also significantly diminish the lifespan of equipment. With some machinery costing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, shouldn’t you do everything you can to extend its longevity?


Graco Auto Lubrication systems earn your trust. They never forget to lubricate. And they can detect the precise time to lubricate in exact amounts. The systems are built specifically to run optimally for years with only minimal maintenance, such as refills.

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Graco offers a comprehensive collection of pumps, metering valves, controllers and accessories for accurate and timely lubrication for today’s modern, information-rich users — all backed by Graco’s trusted name and responsive A+ customer support.

Auto Lube Accessories

Graco offers extensive automatic lubrication accessories designed to complement automatic grease and oil systems installed on well services and natural gas compression equipment. Accessories include a broad range of components including filters, switches, valves, indicators, brushes, hoses and fittings.

Auto Lube Controllers

Graco auto lube controllers allow you to set up, monitor performance, and gain critical feedback for lubrication systems installed on heavy duty equipment. Graco manufactures these versatile devices for installation on wheel loaders, excavators, loaders, motor graders, haul trucks, dozers, drills and other heavy machinery.

Automatic Grease & Oil Pumps

Graco manufactures a broad family of automatic oil and grease pumps designed for heavy equipment in industries such as construction, mining, forestry and agriculture. Count on our field-proven automatic lubrication pumps to stand up to harsh environments every day.

Automatic Grease & Oil Systems

Graco’s line of automatic grease and oil systems help keep heavy construction, agriculture, forestry and mining equipment running in harsh operating environments. These rugged and reliable systems deliver precise amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals to all bearings, pivot points and pin locations to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Flow Divider Valves

Graco’s extensive line of flow divider valves are part of our family of automatic lubrication systems for heavy on-road vehicles in areas such as tractor-trailers, cement trucks and waste haulers. As part of a complete on-vehicle automatic lubrication system, these divider valves accurately dispense lubricant from each block outlet to grease points throughout your vehicle.

Oil & Grease Injectors

Graco’s oil and grease injectors are ideal for heavy equipment that operates in rugged environments. Construction, mining, forestry and agriculture equipment are ideal applications for our rugged, high-quality injectors.

G-Series/CSP Off-Road Kits

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