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The Basics

Sucker Rod Pump Maintenance

Sucker rod pumps play an important role in the oil & gas market. Graco describes their components and maintenance strategies to extend system life.

The Importance of a Properly Lubricated Fifth Wheel Top Plate

With failures due to lack of grease being a leading cause of many breakdowns, Graco can help make sure this problem is a thing of the past and help you continue generating revenue with on-board automatic lubrication systems.


Quintuplex Pump Maintenance for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Pump packing failure is a significant contributor to the disruption of frac operations and unplanned machine downtime. Learn how introducing automatic lubrication to quintuplex frac pumps extends packing life and simplifies maintenance.

The Basics

Moly Grease vs. Lithium: What’s the Big Deal?

Moly is used because it sticks to other materials and helps protect bearings that are not lubricated consistently. With automatic lubrication, there may not be the same need for Moly because every bearing will receive the grease it requires to keep it lubricated and purged of contaminants.

Success Stories

Auto Greaser Keeps Farm Skid Steer Loader in Service

Skid steer maintenance is a must, and this is where automatic lubrication shows its value. Dairy Farm owner-operator explains how.


Converting Existing Service Facilities to Fluid Management

Identifying misconceptions and planning the conversion for a fluid management system.


The Importance of Waste Oil Management

Discover best practices for managing used oil.

Success Stories

Recycling and Energy Center Relies on 1956 Fire-Ball Grease Pump

Recycling & Energy center relies on a 1956 Fire-Ball for their portable greasing unit to maintain all of their rolling stock, conveyors, bearings and everything else needing grease. Learn more about the reliability this pump has provided this center for many years.

The Basics

Selecting the Proper Grease for a Given Climate

In colder climates it is important to select a grease that will not freeze at the lowest temperature to which it will be exposed. In warmer climates, attention must be given to how a grease performs at higher temperatures.


Fluid Management – An Easy Return on Investment

Bulk storage of lubrication fluids makes sense for fleets to reduce downtime and improve profitability. Learn about some hidden costs.

The Basics

Understanding the Basics of Automatic Lubrication Systems

Discover what components make up an automatic lubrication system.


Recognizing Clogged Grease Zerks

When maintenance personnel or the operator is tasked with lubricating equipment, it’s possible they may encounter grease zerks that refuse to accept lubricant. This article aims to help identify common causes of clogged grease zerks.

Equipment Selection

Don’t Let Grease Guns Get In the Way of Improving Your Productivity

On the surface, manual grease guns and tubes of moly or synthetic grease may seem like a cost-effective solution for equipment lubrication, but you must factor in some important considerations when deciding what’s right for you.

Success Stories

Aggregate Quarry Gains Control of Auto Lube System

Wheel loaders and other heavy yellow iron equipment are operating 14 to 16 hours a day at a Hanson Aggregates company. Knowing what’s going on with the maintenance of each machine is critical to keeping them running optimally throughout the day. Learn how Hanson Aggregates took advantage of the GLC™...

The Basics

How to Choose the Right Off-Road Auto Lube System

Each type of heavy equipment has different component specifications that are required to make up an auto lube system that will properly supply the correct amounts of lubricant to each lube point at the correct time intervals. Learn about these specifications and components...

Success Stories

Gold Mine Successfully Implements Full Fluid Handling Solution

Discover how Graco auto lube mining kits, combined with Pulse Pro Fluid Management solutions, resulted in a significant increase in efficiency and a reduction in downtime for an entire gold mine operation.

Success Stories

How Auto Lube Increases Efficiencies at an Aggregate Plant

Built with durability to withstand a tough industry, the auto lube system installed at a Minnesota aggregate plant ensures that their machine continues to produce quality aggregates, reduces downtime by minimizing risks of over- or under-greasing and reduces safety risks.


Gaining Efficiency with Multipoint Chemical Injection in Unconventional Reservoirs

Along with the trend of extensive hydraulic fracturing of horizontal wells, multi-point chemical injection has recently emerged as a valuable efficiency booster.


Warding Off Pipeline Corrosion with Chemical Injection

To combat corrosion, many pipeline owners/operators utilize chemical injection methodologies, where a precisely controlled amount of corrosion inhibitor is injected into the pipeline or well site.

Success Stories

How Auto Lube Improves Productivity and Safety at Aggregate Quarry

Lehigh Hanson, the #1 business in the world for aggregate, #2 for concrete and #3 for cement, relies on Graco automatic lubrication on their Caterpillar 990 pit loader. Learn how Graco’s auto lube system is helping them keep their operation running.


How Often to Grease a Semi Truck?

Greasing a semi truck and semi trailer depends less on frequency and more on consistency. Even with properly timed intervals, poor greasing practices and human error can result in over- and under-greasing, causing premature wear on critical components of a tractor trailer.


Identifying Chassis Grease Points on Class 5-8 Trucks

Understand locations of specific chassis grease points on Class 5-8 trucks, helping you service in the field, and spec autolube installs.

How To

Diagnosing a Worn Kingpin

How to properly conduct a kingpin wear inspection.

The Basics

Lubrication Contamination and the Effect on Pin Bushings

When excessive contamination builds up between a pin and bushing surface the rotation of the pin and the pressure load begins to dig contamination into the bronze bushing. Over time this contamination builds up and begins to restrict the movement of the pin by increasing friction.

Success Stories

A Lubrication System for Cranes in Harsh Weather

A large crane manufacturer based in Finland serves a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. They have been using Graco’s Trabon automatic lubrication systems for over 20 years, but more recently started using them for an STS containe...

Success Stories

Top OEMs Choose Graco Auto Lube Systems

Graco’s automatic lubrication system has been designed for Komatsu’s wide range of equipment to reduce maintenance needs, increase production and extend the life of the machine by automatically applying the right amount of lubrication to each lube point.

The Basics

4 Reasons You Need Fluid Control

An effective fluid control system dispenses only precise, pre-authorized volumes to create efficiencies for your entire shop operation. Here are the top 4 reasons why you need fluid control:

Success Stories

Fluid Control Improves Accountability at Dealership

Fluid control system cuts down a dealership's oil loss and has gained accountability for their technicians and their shop.

Equipment Selection

Why Pulse FC?

We’ve taken fluid control from an old, clunky box hidden underneath counters in the back office, and put the controls into the hands of technicians, parts managers and shop owners. Literally.

Success Stories

Snow Plow Keeps Moving With Graco Grease Jockey

A city in Minnesota uses auto lubrication for even the most extreme road conditions.

Equipment Selection

Choosing The Right Grease For Fleet Truck Chassis And Components

Learn about the differences in grease types for use on your fleet vehicle.

Equipment Selection

13 Reasons to Upgrade from Traditional Fluid Control

Pulse FC strays away from tradition and creates a new architecture for controlling fluids. These 13 reasons suggest why you should upgrade from traditional fluid control to Pulse FC fluid control:

Equipment Selection

5 Reasons Why You Need Automatic Lubrication

Protect your equipment and your employees by utilizing automatic lubrication to grease critical lube points.

Success Stories

Bus Service Center Benefits from Fluid Management System

Belgian bus repair and service center selects Graco’s innovative fluid management system; enabling them to simplify their operations, capture previously lost or unassigned costs and uncover hidden profits.

The Basics

Fluid Management Improves Efficiencies

Effectively manage bulk inventory and reduce shop costs.

Success Stories

Auto Lube Results in Increased Customer Satisfaction

Refuse Truck Manufacturer Finds Success with a G3 Auto Lube System.

Success Stories

Car Dealership Benefits From Pulse Pro Fluid Management System

Fluid management system helps car dealership track fluid activities and monitor inventory from storage tanks to dispense meters.

Success Stories

Why Auto Lube Distributor Partners With Graco

Auto-Lube Services, Inc. of Loganville, Georgia, partners with Graco to provide automatic lubrication systems to construction customers across the southeast United States. See how Graco and this auto lube distributor work together to provide some of the most reliable auto lube systems in the market....

Equipment Selection

Achieve Centralized Lubrication Without Automatic Lubrication

Simultaneous lubrication from a single grease fitting

Success Stories

1956 Fire-Ball Pump Unearthed

In 1955, Graco introduced its first Fire-Ball Air-Powered Oil and Grease Pump. Since then, the Graco Fire-Ball pump has built a strong name for itself as the most reliable oil and grease pump in the industry.

Success Stories

Refuse Fleet Chooses Graco To Solve Issues With High Component Wear

On a limited budget, Graco automatic lubrication helps customers reduce component failures.

The Basics

Fleets Maximize Bulk Oil Use to Improve Efficiency

Learn how fleets can maximize bulk oil use to improve efficiency throughout the shop.

Equipment Selection

Will an Automatic Grease System Work on My Vehicle?

No matter what shape, size or capacity, automatic lubrication will work for your commercial vehicle.

Success Stories

Fluid Management Helps Beverly Hills

Fluid Management streamlines operations for fleet service center.

Success Stories

Cement Supplier Turns More Profit and Less Downtime with Automatic Lubrication

Expensive bearing failures eliminated with automatic lubrication.


Effects of Lubricant Contamination

Discover how to avoid lubrication contamination from causing a major disruption in your operation.


Preventing or Reducing Pipeline Freezing with Chemical Injection

When pipeline freezing occurs, ice crystals can cause flow blockages and damage system components. Sluggish flow can reduce volumes traveling through pipelines.

Equipment Selection

Simplify Lubrication with Automatic Grease Systems

Make manual lubrication a thing of the past with an on-vehicle automatic lubrication system.


Keep Your Fleet On The Road - And Out Of The Shop

No matter shape, size or capacity, automatic lubrication will work for your commercial vehicle.

Equipment Selection

Proper Trailer Lubrication is Important

Automatically lubricate not only your tractor, but your trailer too.


Dealing with Unplanned Maintenance Costs

One approach to dealing with annoying, unplanned maintenance costs.