4 Reasons You Need Fluid Control

Consider how often your crew is dispensing fluids. Then consider how much money you could save if you could account for all of it. 

Bulk fluids cost you thousands of dollars annually. Add up what you’re missing with every drop that’s spilled or misplaced, and you’re losing out on significant profit opportunities.

An effective fluid control system dispenses only precise, pre-authorized volumes to create efficiencies for your entire shop operation. Here are the top 4 reasons why you need fluid control:

1. Accountability.

Fluid control systems can regulate every ounce of fluid in your shop or dealership. In fact, they can be programmed to dispense only the correct fluid and authorized amount. This ensures that every vehicle or machine receives the appropriate amount of fluid for more accurate billing. In addition, you can minimize dispensing errors — and even identify where inaccuracies originate.

2. Accurate inventory.

Storing bulk fluids can be complicated — and frustrating. Most shops and dealerships must plan ahead when transitioning from an empty container to a new one. If a new drum is ordered too soon, it may take up much-needed space for an excessive time period. If it’s ordered too late, common services can’t be performed. With a fluid control system, you can track the amount of fluid dispensed so you always know when it’s time to reorder drums.

3. Efficiency.

Customers demand fast service. The faster you perform a job, the sooner you can move on to the next one. With fluid control, your technicians don’t have to guess, and subsequently check and even redispense, the amount of fluid used. Only the correct amount of fluid is dispensed — once — so your crews can complete a service order and move on to the next one quickly.

4. Profitability.

Waste cuts into your profits — whether it’s from wasted materials or wasted efforts from your team. Use fluid control systems to enhance profitability by optimizing your resources. Use more of the bulk fluids you’ve purchased and tie them directly to service orders. Additionally, by maximizing the productivity of your crew, you can churn through more service orders in less time to improve profitability.

Graco offers an innovative, wire-free way to control your fluids: the Pulse FC Fluid Control System. With Pulse FC, you dispense only precise volumes to create efficiencies for your entire shop operation and:

  • Monitor how much fluid you’re using.
  • Choose the amount of fluid each technician can dispense.
  • Maintain accurate inventory.
  • Streamline processes to improve productivity and uncover hidden profitability while adding transparency to everyday tasks.

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